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Botox for wrinkle
Botox Forehead Botox treatment for forehead wrinkle and glabellar wrinkle.
Botox Crow's FeetBotox treatment for Crow's feet correction

Botox Mandible Angle Reduction
Botox Jaw Reduction In Masseteric Hypertrophy, Botox atrophy the masseteric muscle for about 6 months.
Botox + SurgeryCombined treatment of mandible angle resection and Botox makes the result more prominet and reduces the postoperative pain and edema.

Filler injection
Filler injection Nasolabial fold camouflage by using hyaluronic acid
fillerLip can be augmented by filler such as Perlane (Hyaluronic acid) or Bio-Alcamid (Biodegradable Polymer)

Fat injection
Filler injection Fat injection to cheek which makes the patient look younger and vivid.
In addition, it can make the face look smaller.
Fat injection is ideal solution to hollow cheek.

Filler injection

Serial change after fat injection to forehead and cheek (1 month & 4 months).
Survived fat will be maintained forever evenif only 60% are remained after 6 months.

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