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Sagittal Splitting Osteotomy of Mandible (Jaw)
Sagittal Splitting Sagittal splitting angle ostectomy reduces the width of the lower face.
Effective in frontal view
Sagittal + Botox Combined treatment of sagittal splitting osteotomy and Botox further reduces the width of jaw.

Angle Resection of Mandible (Jaw)
Mandible Angle Resection Mandible angle resection smoothens the jaw line by resecting triangular bone fragment at angle.
Effective in profile view.

Comined Sagittal Splitting and Angle Resection

In most mandible reduction, both sagittal splitting osteotomy and angle resection are used.

Zygoma Reduction
zygoma reduction Zygoma reduction makes face smaller and softer.
Intraoral and preauricular stab incisions are used.


Mentoplasty Mentoplasty (Chin augmentation) makes mouth less protruded and improves the balance in profile view.
Silicone, Gore-tex, Medpore, Fat can be used.

Forehead augmentation
forehead augmentation Forehead augmentation is performed by inserting custom-made silicone block or fat graft.

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